Allen Learning Technologies ("ALT") is a Rich Internet Application ("RIA") software development tool company, whose founder and key principals, have had decades of experience in the multi-billion dollar e-learning market. ALT's founder, Dr. Michael Allen, is an e-learning industry veteran who has achieved great success in the e-learning market in the past and has earned the status of visionary and industry guru. Dr. Allen has written five books on the subject of e-learning, including one of the industry's best selling books, "Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning" and was the founder in 1987 of Authorware, Inc. which revolutionized the computer-based training industry in the late 1980's and early 1990's, obtaining more than 80% market penetration in the e-learning software development tools market. In 1992 Authorware merged with two other companies to form Macromedia, Inc. Macromedia (NASDAQ:MACR) went public in 1993 and eventually was purchased for $3.4B by Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE) in 2005.

After Macromedia went public in 1993, Dr. Allen co-founded Allen Interactions Inc., an e-learning professional services company after he observed with great disappointment that computer-based and web-based (both now referred to as "e-learning") developers were mostly developing boring e-learning applications despite the powerful tools from Macromedia and the exploding Internet delivery infrastructure. Allen Interactions was dedicated to helping its clients create meaningful, memorable, and motivational e-learning applications that resulted in performance change. Allen Interactions has earned a reputation as an industry leader with a lengthy premier client list that includes many notables such as HSBC, Motorola, Hilton, Apple, Comcast, and Essilor.

During the last 16 years, the market for e-learning applications has exploded, but the software tools to build them haven't kept pace. Currently it takes high-end developers to program high impact e-learning applications such as simulations and "authentic learning events". This is exactly where the market was when Dr. Allen started Authorware more than 20 years ago, except now the market for such e-learning applications is many times larger. Global Strategic Analysts, a California-based market research group, projects the global market for e-learning to surpass $40B in 2010.

Realizing the opportunity and seeing the lack of real innovations in e-learning tools in the past 20 years, Dr. Allen is back to do it all again. Led by Dr. Allen and a team of highly experience executives and technologists, ALT began developing the next generation of RIA technology frameworks to revolutionize e-learning and provide subject matter experts with the tools to create powerful, collaborative formal and informal e-learning with no programming required.

ALT's product, code named "Zebra", allows anyone to easily create and deploy unique and compelling e-learning applications, unlike anything on the market today. Zebra is based on the concept of creating complex interactions simply –so simply, almost anyone can do it. Programming skills are definitely not required. It uses the approach of building simple objects that can "talk" to each other through visual "wiring". Simpler objects can be combined to build increasingly more complex objects that can work together to create gadgets, simulations and complete interactive courses and projects. Zebra's "cloud architecture" embraces many of the newest and major trends including informal learning and social learning ("Learning 2.0/Web 2.0") with features that allow both authors and learners to collaborate, no matter where they are. Tie-ins to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and playback on mobile devices like the iPhone and Android devices are a key part of Zebra's architecture and plans. Zebra's pricing model is primarily based on the "software-as-a-service" ("SaaS") model of a monthly subscription fee.


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